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Real Estate Lawyer Toronto


toronto real-estate lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Your Affordable Real-Estate Solution

If you are purchasing, selling, refinancing of transferring your home, our Toronto lawyer will complete your transaction for a low fixed-rate fee and answer all of your important questions along the way. Please check our fees section for more information regarding costs of closing on these real-estate transactions by our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto.

Our Philosophy

Bluetown Law was founded by Numan Bajwa, an Ontario based Lawyer practicing Real-Estate and Family Law. Our philosophy is simple – our clients don’t need to pay complicated fees for simple real-estate transactions. Our process has elements of simplicity and transparency built in, leading to amazing reviews of appreciation by our clients.

Our Attention to Detail

Practicing Real-Estate Law is not simply a matter of completing paperwork on time. It is a carefully orchestrated ballet and requires meticulous attention to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you have contracted. Our firm understands the magnitude of these transactions, providing you with a clear picture of the steps involved in your transaction, the legal and government fees that you will be responsible for paying, and coming up with contingency plans for your transaction in the case that everything does not progress as planned.

Our Commitment to Clients

In addition to completing your transaction on time and in an efficient manner, you will note that you will not have to wait hours or days in order to speak with your Lawyer about your transaction. We keep things simple. Call our office and we will get you in touch with the right person.

Closing Costs of Purchasing a Home by Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Purchasing a home is an inherently an exciting milestone in a buyer’s journey. Along with the excitement of choosing the right home, location, elevation, décor and other related matters, comes the need to understand the process and legal paperwork for this important purchase.

Our Lawyers have regularly noticed that many clients have purchased a home and signed a mortgage contract with a lender but did not take advantage of better available mortgage rates and often failed to negotiate commission rates with their purchasing agent. Our Real Estate Lawyers work with a large network of mortgage brokers, lenders, and real-estate agents in order to ensure that you receive the best available mortgage rate and pay a low commission for services provided by the real-estate agent.

If you are at the initial stages of purchasing a property, contact us first if you would like us to refer you to a trusted network of real-estate agents and lending institutions to assist with your finance approval.

You can find more information regarding your closing costs for purchasing a home on our fees page. Purchasing Properity

Closing Costs of Selling a home by Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

The first point to mention when selling your home is to ensure that you negotiate the commission you will be paying to your sales agent. The standard market rate is usually 5% of the sale but recently, it has become common practice to negotiate this rate down to 3.5% or lower. If you would like us to refer you to a trusted real-estate agent with fair commission fees, please contact our office directly.

When you are selling your home, our Toronto Real-Estate Lawyers will work diligently to ensure that your closing progresses and completes smoothly. We will review your purchase and sale agreement and advise if you of any issues that need to be addressed with the purchaser’s lawyer. We will also discharge your existing mortgage on the home (if required) and provide you with a complete closing package and reporting letter at the conclusion of your transaction.

Please visit our fees page and take a closer look at our fixed-rate legal fees for closing on the sale of a home.

Transfer of Title closing costs by Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Our Toronto Real-Estate Lawyers have deep knowledge and experience in title transfer transactions since our Family Law Practice regularly requires the transfer of title to homes based on terms negotiated in a separation agreement. Spousal transfer of property is a very common area in our practice and we approach these transactions with a certain level of caution and sensitivity. Certain protocols need to be followed in real-estate transactions that involve the spousal transfer of property or title transfer of the matrimonial home.

If you are in a situation that involves a transfer of title of a matrimonial home, the first step is to draft a separation agreement and clearly lay out the terms of the transfer. Often times, one spouse is buying out the interests of the other spouse and also refinancing the mortgage in order to obtain the necessary funds to pay the other spouse. In these types of transactions, our Toronto Real Estate Lawyers will be representing you and the lending institution that will be providing you with funds for the refinance of mortgage. Your spouse will likely require an independent real-estate lawyer to review the transfer of title paperwork, providing independent legal advice, and witness the signing of transfer documents.

Our expertise in title transfers is at peak due to the volume of transactions we complete in this area. Please visit our fees page in order to review our flat-rate legal fees for refinance and title transfer transactions.

Refinance of mortgage closing costs by Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

If you are refinancing a mortgage, our Toronto Real-Estate Lawyers will complete your transaction with the lending institution and answer all of your questions at the outset. If you are able, please contact us before you sign up with a bank in order to ensure that you are receiving the best mortgage rate possible. Our large network of real-estate professionals allows us search for the best rate available and try to link our potential clients with a person that can maximize the chances of approval.