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Are you looking to process a simple or uncontested divorce in Toronto? With locations in Toronto and Mississauga, our Toronto Divorce Lawyers specialize in processing quick and affordable simple divorce applications, joint divorce applications, separation agreements, marriage contracts and real-estate transactions. We complete your divorce in Toronto, Mississauga, or any other city in Ontario from Start to Finish. Our service fee for the entire Toronto divorce process is highly affordable in comparison to other law firms- and we have no hidden fee. We have provided answers to many common Ontario divorce questions on our FAQs page. Remember, you can always contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on this site.

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Our Toronto Divorce Lawyers and Mississauga Divorce Lawyers complete a large volume of simple divorce applications and are familiar with all types of situations. Some of these situations include missing spouse, uncooperative spouse, spouse residing in another country, young children, …..

Simple Divorce

A simple divorce in Ontario is when you are only asking the court for a divorce. In this type of divorce application, there are no other claims being made, such as child custody, access, and support or property division. The simple divorce in Ontario application can be prepared as a sole divorce. Most people who have……


It is possible for people, either married spouses or those living common-law, to make the decision to end their relationship as a couple. When this happens, the couple can choose to create a settlement agreement, which outlines how aspects of the relationship will be maintained or changed going forward……

Our Practice Areas

Our Law Firm is dedicated exclusively to the practice of Family Law and Real-Estate. We have experience with completing both simple and complicated cases. Whether you require a simple separation agreement or a complicated agreement that requires custody/access, support, and division of complicated Assets, our team of dedicated lawyers will complete the process from start to finish in an efficient and affordable manner.


Our Divorce Lawyers will complete your case from start to finish, whether your divorce is simple or complicated. We process a high volume of simple/joint divorce applications and we take contested matters on a case-by-case basis.

Separation Agreements

Our Divorce Lawyers complete your Separation Agreement for a flat-rate legal fee based on your unique circumstances. We offer a free information session to answer your questions and provide you with details about the process.

Marriage Contracts

Our Divorce Lawyers can provide you with important information about the options available to you in order to protect your assets in case of a marital breakdown. We also offer flat-rate legal fees for the complete process.

Real-Estate Transactions

Our Real-Estate Lawyers will complete you purchase, sale, or transfer of title transaction for a flat-rate legal fee. We can represent you and your lending institution in these transactions and can close on your transaction as planned.


Please note that the government court fee to file a divorce in Ontario is currently $632 in addition to our flat-rate fee of $850. You may qualify for a “court fee waiver” based on your earning in which case the government fee does not apply to you.

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The folks at Divorce Office made my uncontested divorce a virtually painless process. It was fast and easy to apply and pay online. They handled everything professionally and got my divorce wrapped up in two months, and the court finalized it on Christmas Day 😉 I will definitely recommend Divorce Office to anyone who needs help figuring out where to turn. Thank you all SO much for handling my paperwork and getting it all done!

Mary Gervasi

Getting a divorce is never easy emotionally but the professional and excellent services I received at Divorce Office made it easy as possible to file the papers. They were great through out the whole process. Their rates are competitive, reliable to communicate with, and overall a great help during stressful time. I highly recommend using Divorce Office if you need to, thanks again.

Filmon Zekarias

Great support and service from the lovely people at Divorce Office. They made my process a quick and easy one without any hassles. Definitely would recommend them to anyone going through the unfortunate events of a divorce. They are great in and get work done in a timely fashion. Highly satisfied with my visit and experience with Divorce Office, Professional, helpful and understanding!

Hashir Hussain