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Find Out how to get a cheap divorce in toronto

How to get a Cheap Divorce Toronto

Are you filing a simple or uncontested divorce in Toronto? Chances are that you are, since over 90% of divorce cases are simple and uncontested. The next question is, why pay complicated and often ridiculous legal fees for a simple divorce process? The simple fact is that when filing an uncontested divorce, you do not need to pay expensive legal fees. Get a Cheap Divorce Toronto.

Obtaining a “cheap divorce” does not necessarily entail that you will receive sub-par divorce service. The end result will be the same whether you pay $3000 to an expensive law firm in order to process your divorce, or if you simply pay $850 to have your divorce processed by our Divorce Office Lawyers. The end result will be a permanent separation from your current spouse and a cheap divorce. Check out our fees page for more information.

Steps involved in getting a Cheap Divorce

1. Do your research: You can’t simply call up the first divorce firm that you run across on the internet and make your way there. Do your homework. Seek out at least four to five divorce offices and simply give them a call to inquire about their divorce service.

2. Ask for a free consultation. Many places that offer cheap divorce service will likely offer a free divorce consultation. Remember, this divorce consultation will be obligation-free and you can simply show up and learn about the divorce process in Ontario.

3. Make sure you ask the divorce process office their Grand Total cost from start to finish. Many divorce firms advertise a low rate but often throw out hidden fees at their unsuspecting clients. Once you get the grand total, including government filing fees, you can make a decision.

4. Ask them for a guarantee: During your journey to find a cheap divorce office, ask them what they can guarantee. Do they have a specific time frame in which they can process your cheap divorce? This is important.

5. Don’t pay everything up front for your cheap divorce. If you can, try to make separate payments under a payment plan. This will ensure that the divorce processor that you choose to process your divorce file will have an incentive to work for you, and keep you up to date. Paying the full amount upfront will only increase the changes of prolonging the cheap divorce since the office you hire will have less incentive to work quickly and effectively.

These are just a few recommendations that you may keep in mind when you are looking to file for a cheap divorce in Toronto. Remember, a cheap divorce does not necessarily mean that you will receive cheap service!