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Divorce Process

Divorce Process

Toronto Divorce Process

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4 Steps To Your Quick Ontario Divorce Order

Divorce Process

Step 1: Will you file a Sole divorce or a joint divorce?

Learn about the divorce process in Ontario. When filing for a divorce, you must decide whether you will file a “sole divorce” or a “joint divorce.” In a joint Ontario divorce application, both spouses sign the document and there is no need to “serve” the document on the other spouse. In a sole Ontario divorce application, one spouse signs the divorce document and is required to serve the other spouse. The time frame it takes to have the Ontario divorce granted is the exact same for both options.

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Divorce Process

Step 2: Will you file a Separation Agreement?

A Separation agreement is not required in order to file for a divorce in Ontario. However, many couples filing an uncontested divorce in Ontario decide to file a separation agreement in court with their ontario divorce. Why? Instead of going to court and spending thousands of dollars to resolve issues such as child custody, support, and property settlement, drafting a separation is an affordable method to resolve these issues.

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Divorce Process

Step 3: We complete your Ontario Divorce

We will be making trips to the courthouse and filing your Ontario divorce documents on your behalf. We process your entire simple divorce from the beginning to the end. Our Ontario Divorce Service includes preparing all court documents, having your court affidavits commissioned, corresponding with the court in order to keep you informed about the status of your case, filing your documents in court, and preparing your final divorce certificate that is issued to you at the conclusion of your Ontario divorce.

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Divorce Process

Step 4: Receive Your Ontario Divorce Order

Once we file the final Ontario divorce documents with the court, your divorce order will arrive within approximately 6 weeks. The entire process takes about 3 to 4 months to complete. Since we specialize in uncontested divorce cases, our rates for the complete Ontario divorce service are very affordable. Contact us today to book a free information session or start your case online right now!

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